Our manicure services begin with a soothing, aromatic hand soak to soften and rejuvenate your skin. Next, our skilled nail technicians meticulously shape and buff your nails before applying your choice of high-quality, long-lasting polish in a vast array of stunning colors and designs. Finally, a revitalizing hand massage with nourishing, organic cream leaves you feeling pampered and relaxed, ensuring you walk away with not only gorgeous nails but a truly unforgettable experience.


Our pedicure services begins with a luxurious, warm foot soak infused with aromatic essential oils to soften and revitalize your skin. Our experienced technicians then expertly shape, buff, and exfoliate your feet, applying a high-quality, long-lasting polish in a dazzling array of colors and designs. The treatment culminates in a soothing, deep-tissue foot massage with a nourishing, organic cream, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and looking stunning, for an unparalleled pampering experience.


Our acrylic and dip powder nail experiences begin with a personalized consultation, where our skilled nail technicians help you select the perfect colors and designs to match your unique style. Next, they expertly sculpt and apply the lightweight, durable acrylics, gels, or vibrant, pigmented dip powder for a flawlessly smooth and long-lasting finish. As you leave our salon, your nails not only look stunning but also feel incredibly natural, providing you with a boost of confidence and another way to express yourself.

Acrylics, Gel, and Dip Powder

Our gentle waxing experience ensures minimal discomfort as our highly trained estheticians carefully prepare your skin with pre-wax cleansers and soothing oils. Utilizing high-quality, hypoallergenic wax tailored to your skin type, they swiftly remove hair from eyebrows, face, underarms, and legs with precision and expertise. Post-wax treatments, including cooling aloe gel and calming lotions, leave your skin feeling smooth, refreshed, and irritation-free, making the entire process a breeze.